Trimming a beard requires the necessary attention and expertise. It does not grow just like you want it and only you are responsible for the result. Where the growth of the beard tests your character and perseverance, trimming is useful to have the basic rules and know-how in mind. Without this knowledge it is difficult to keep your wild moons in check during the growth process. What you want to avoid is making a mistake that may endanger your ultimate personal beard style .

Trimming and cutting actually stimulates the beard growth process, contrary to what you might think. Healthy hair follicles ensure that your hair grows faster. But, your hair also grows in unequal lengths, which can create a somewhat turbulent look.

With great beard comes great responsibility

beard growth

When you read this guide, you have at least made the decision to be civilized and cared for the day, in contrast to the men who opt for the prolific beard style. Regardless of the style you are ultimately satisfied with, this guide ensures that your beard looks cared for and, above all, healthy. These tips can therefore also be used for every beard style.

Trim beard

You can of course go for a full beard, classic, skippers or stubbly beard, but you can not escape trimming your beard. It is a fine side issue of the growth process.

You can read how to trim your beard in 7 steps and which tool you use best. We also share a number of practical dos and don’ts so that you can effortlessly trim your beard.

Mustache and beard hair transplantation men

A mustache and beard hair transplant men is usually performed with the so-called FUE method. This is an intensive and often slightly more expensive method. The abbreviation FUE stands for the English name Follicular Unit Extraction. In the FUE method hair follicle bags, so-called grafts, are removed one by one from the donor area behind your head.

The donor area is hereby shaved in advance, so that the grafts are not damaged. After a quality check, the hair follicles are put back one by one in places where you want more or thicker mustache and beard hair. The grafts ensure that your hair grows at the desired location after the treatment. Ten days after the mustache and beard hair transplantation men the desired effect is already visible. However, the hairs can then fall out again, after which they will n start to grow again in 3 to 4 months. The final result will then be visible after a maximum of 12 months.