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Accelerate Metabolism and Improve Digestion

The process of digestion of eaten food is called metabolism. It can flow slowly or quickly, create excess pounds or prevent them from appearing even with a calorie content. How can you affect your metabolism? And how to speed up the metabolism to lose weight? In order to influence internal processes, we will consider how the exchange takes place and who participates in it. The Venus Factor 12-Week Meal Plan E-Book

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Metabolism: where food is consumed

Foods entering the human body undergo a multi-site treatment: First, complexes break down the levels of simple (amino acids, sugars, lipids), and then synthesize molecules of proteins, carbohydrates, fats from simple substances.

Metabolism or metabolism is the transformation of food into physical tissue and energy. The more food you eat, the more you can gain weight, and the more you can move, use energy.

Metabolism translates food components into molecules available for assimilation (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). These molecules use the body for two purposes: build a physical body (bones, muscles, internal organs) or oxidize molecules to generate energy.

Thus, if a person needs a lot of energy (active lifestyle), the food is used on energy reserves. If a person has enough energy (sedentary work, quiet life), then food is used to build the body (including fat deposits).

People of different ages metabolism processes take place at different rates:

The fastest metabolism is in children . All excess food is processed into energy and growth without the formation of nutrients.
The slower metabolism is in the elderly . Nutrients degrade, slowly digested. Therefore, with age, high calorie conditions create conditions for weight gain.

The question is, how to improve metabolism?

Metabolism in action: Transformations in the body

Metabolism provides the body’s main function – living, acting in the environment (moving around, talking, growing, multiplying, thinking). After splitting the complex components into simple components, some of the molecules are converted to water and carbon dioxide with energy spills. So the body receives the necessary energy reserve. best cardio for weight loss

Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast

The best way to lose weight, get more energy and replace your unhealthy habits with healthy is to take it easy. Try to live a little healthier every day. Instead of a glass of cola , you take a glass of water. Then you do nothing else for the rest of the day to lose weight. Once that is in your system (drinking the water), then you take a healthy habit.

You can continue to do this process by the way. You can always live healthier even if you are already doing very well.

For example, I notice with myself that after the holiday I have been slackening a bit. It’s time to pick up, improve and carry out my old healthy habits again!

Slow food is healthier

By eating more slowly, your body has the time to link back that you have eaten enough. If you eat very fast you will get a lot more than you need, this will result in weight gain. It takes 20 minutes before your brain gives a signal that you are satisfied. That is why it is better to eat, enjoy and especially not rush!

Why do you crave food (be honest)?

One of the biggest reasons why people eat too much is out of boredom. A lot of people are looking forward to popping on the couch in the evening, switching on television and eating a bag of chips (I had too). When you are hungry from boredom you are not really hungry, it is rather an emotional reaction to prevent boredom. Moreover, it can also be a habit to eat a lot during specific moments.

So it took a long time for me not to eat chips during an exciting movie. Now I know from myself that during an exciting film I like to have something to nibble. Meanwhile I have replaced the bag of chips with a nut mix, again it is the small adjustments that make the difference.

Go spicy food

Research (4) shows that spicy food can make you less likely to get hungry. Moreover, spicy herbs ensure that your metabolism gets a boost. I am a fan of chili myself and do not get enough of it. It is certainly recommended to eat more Mexican with spicy herbs!

A nice soup for every meal

A great and healthy way to eat less and eat healthier is by eating a soup regularly. Healthy (fresh) soups consist mainly of water, vegetables, sometimes some meat and some vermicelli. The result is that you will be full faster when you take a soup as before.

Start very small when it comes to sports

For many people it is a huge mountain when it comes to exercising regularly. Especially if you have not done sports for years. To break that, it is much better to start very small. Instead of running every day, start with a short 5-minute walk. Then the next 7.5 minutes, next week instead of walking you go jogging. So you build up momentum and you do not make it unnecessarily difficult.

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