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Accelerate Metabolism and Improve Digestion

The process of digestion of eaten food is called metabolism. It can flow slowly or quickly, create excess pounds or prevent them from appearing even with a calorie content. How can you affect your metabolism? And how to speed up the metabolism to lose weight? In order to influence internal processes, we will consider how the exchange takes place and who participates in it. The Venus Factor 12-Week Meal Plan E-Book

weight loss tips

Metabolism: where food is consumed

Foods entering the human body undergo a multi-site treatment: First, complexes break down the levels of simple (amino acids, sugars, lipids), and then synthesize molecules of proteins, carbohydrates, fats from simple substances.

Metabolism or metabolism is the transformation of food into physical tissue and energy. The more food you eat, the more you can gain weight, and the more you can move, use energy.

Metabolism translates food components into molecules available for assimilation (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). These molecules use the body for two purposes: build a physical body (bones, muscles, internal organs) or oxidize molecules to generate energy.

Thus, if a person needs a lot of energy (active lifestyle), the food is used on energy reserves. If a person has enough energy (sedentary work, quiet life), then food is used to build the body (including fat deposits).

People of different ages metabolism processes take place at different rates:

The fastest metabolism is in children . All excess food is processed into energy and growth without the formation of nutrients.
The slower metabolism is in the elderly . Nutrients degrade, slowly digested. Therefore, with age, high calorie conditions create conditions for weight gain.

The question is, how to improve metabolism?

Metabolism in action: Transformations in the body

Metabolism provides the body’s main function – living, acting in the environment (moving around, talking, growing, multiplying, thinking). After splitting the complex components into simple components, some of the molecules are converted to water and carbon dioxide with energy spills. So the body receives the necessary energy reserve. best cardio for weight loss

The problem of skin Irritation after Shaving

If you shave off the hairs of the skin, you also scrape cells from the skin surface. If this upper protective layer is removed, the skin underneath can become dry and thin. If you shave too quickly or shave in the wrong way, you increase the risk of irritation of the skin. (long beard trimmer)A number of people are extra sensitive to skin irritation after shaving. In women, problems arise quickly when shaving the armpits or the bikini line. An irritated skin with bumps arises. Ingrown hairs cause sore, red bumps. These bumps occur during shaving, if the hair follicles are damaged or if the end of a hair grows back in the hair follicle. The skin can become very itchy, the bumps can become inflamed and you sometimes have bumps with pus in it.

How do you best remove an ingrown hair?

If a hair has been curled and the skin has grown back again, it is often desirable to remove it. Put a washcloth in warm water and keep this warm washcloth on the spot for five minutes, so that the skin becomes soft and soft. Free the grown hair with tweezers and pull it off the skin. You can trim curly hairs with a nail clipper

Which shaver or razor for depilation

If you often suffer from ingrown hairs, it might be wise to change blades, or use a different shaver. Use your razor blades and this happens often, try an electric device or other depilatory and vice versa. You now have a lot of blades with multiple blades, so you can shave tightly on the skin, but if your skin gets irritated quickly by shaving and you want to prevent ingrown hairs, an old-fashioned razor blade with a knife is best. In the case of razor blades with two or more blades, the stubble are pulled out of the skin a little before being cut off. This makes the hairs jump back a bit, so they can come under the skin surface.

How can you prevent skin irritation

skin irritation

Before you start shaving, it is nice to take a warm shower or bath. This makes the pores more open and the hairs become softer. This makes shaving a lot more pleasant and it ensures a smooth result. Cold water is not recommended, because it closes the pores and it makes the skin a little stiffer which can cause skin irritation. It is also advisable to rub the skin with a dry luffa sponge, a peeling glove, sponge or washcloth. This removes the dead skin cells and prevents the hair follicles from becoming clogged. In this way, the hairs are also slightly lifted above the hair follicles, making shaving better. If you want to update your pubic hair, first cut it with normal scissors before you start using a razor.

The right shaving technique

Always shave in the direction of hair growth. So pay attention. Men who want to shave their beard are better off shaving than upwards. Women should also follow the direction of hair growth during shaving. This means that if they want to shave their legs or bikini line, they have to shave down instead of upwards. This way you do have small stubble left behind, often they are not visible, but it prevents the in growth of the hairs.

Never pull the skin tight during shaving. During the tightening of the skin, the hairs will come out of the skin, so that after shaving – when the skin is released – it will end up completely under the skin surface. So never pull the skin tight!

Eat you cleverly: 5 Ingredients that Booster your Brain

Wiser and sharper with greater focus, overview and concentration? Yeah, well, we’ll be happy! And the best part is that you can eat it with both healthy and delicious ingredients. For Ultimate Brain Supplement Visit – We The Brainys


Eggs are good brain food because they contain lots of protein which, in part, gives a good satiety, a more stable blood sugar and promotes the production of the dopamine dopant in the brain. In addition, there is choline in eggs. It is a vitamin B that affects the ability of the cells to transmit information and thus to your memory, ability to concentrate and your brain’s performance.

Tip! Eat for example eggs for your breakfast in a healthy omelet with vegetables, you have already come well from the start.



Blueberries, goji berries, mulberry berries, blackberries and raspberries. Although they are all small, their effect on brain health is great. They are full of flavonoids and antioxidants, which increase blood flow in the brain and protect it from atherosclerosis. It benefits both your memory and learning ability.
Tip! Get a mixed selection of berries every day. Eg. for yogurt, in porridge, fresh salad or just as a healthy snack.


Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are absolutely necessary for your brain function and crucial for brain cell communication with each other. From fish you also get both vitamin D, iodine and selenium – all nutrients that help keep the brain sharp and healthy.

Tip! Eat different fish at least twice a week, so you get a variety of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.


Legumes such as peas, chickpeas, beans and lentils give you proteins and good amounts of fiber. The carbohydrates in them are complex and slow, which helps give you a stable blood sugar. Once you have it, you avoid all the hormonal fluctuations that might otherwise accompany a fluctuating blood sugar level.
Tip! Eat the legumes in mixed salads and simmer dishes, and snack with peas throughout the season.


The brain loves vegetables in abundant quantities. It fills you with good vitamins, minerals and fiber, and it increases blood flow and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your brain by as much as 20-25%. And it is, of course, something that can be felt by both performance and well-being.

Tip! Make sure you get at least 600 grams of vegetables each day. Vary them so you get a wide variety of nutrients. best brain supplement on the market

Hemorrhoids: What can you do about It?

With increasing pressure around the anus, for example by squeezing a delivery or pressing hard when you suffer from hard stools, protrusions of the mucous membrane of the inside of the intestine can occur. These bulges are hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can occur both internally and externally and are therefore not always visible. Common complaints in hemorrhoids are pain and itching around the anus. Also, there is usually talk of mucus and blood loss in the stool. In some cases there is unexpected loss of a little stool and there can be a feeling of pressure in the anus, because the hemorrhoid sinks out. Fortunately, hemorrhoids are harmless, but this does not mean that you will not be bothered by them. You can go to the doctor for certain medication or another method to have the hemorrhoids removed. There are also a number of things you can do to relieve yourself of this condition.

Go as soon as you have pressure

Firstly, it is advisable to go straight to the toilet when you feel you have to. If you stop the stool, it will become thicker and with thicker stools you will have to press harder. You can prevent this by going to the toilet in time.

Be patient

Do you sit on the toilet, but can not you do it directly? Then have patience and do not exaggerate to speed up the relief process. The harder you press, the more chance there is that bulges occur. home remedies for piles bleeding

Do not scratch

Do not scratch the hemorrhoids, even if they still itch. Scratching can damage the tissue and even cause infection. The itching also worsens when you scratch. Also do not use raw toilet paper. Clean the anus with a little lukewarm water and then carefully pat dry it instead of wiping it.

Provide good digestion

You can contribute to this in various ways. This way you can eat healthy, high-fiber foods. Please note that when you take a lot of fiber you also drink a lot. Fibers need moisture to do their job well. Drink at least two liters of water per day. This also avoids constipation. You can start your digestion in the morning by drinking a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach.

Ensure sufficient movement

By exercising sufficient movement, you stimulate the bowel movement and any blockages can be prevented. It is also the case that the pressure around the anus increases, when you sit for longer periods of time. If you have a sedentary job, get up regularly.

Other treatments for hemorrhoids

If the above medication and advice do not work, you can consider other methods to get rid of the hemorrhoids in consultation with your doctor. In an outpatient clinic, the hemorrhoid can be tied off with small rubber bands. This is also called rubber band ligation. Because the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off in this way, the hemorrhoid will die off and disappear. Another possibility is to seal the blood vessels in the hemorrhoid by means of infrared light. Even after this treatment, the hemorrhoid will die off, because then there is no more blood supply. Another option is to inject a liquid into the hemorrhoid, which causes the hemorrhoid to shrivel. Only when you suffer from very large haemorrhoids or from hemorrhoids that return again and again, an operation under anesthetic can be considered.

Alternative Methods To Treat Gynecomastia

No man wants to have those dreaded man’s tits. Not only does it look maleish, it can also bring down your confidence and self-esteem.

But while male breast reduction surgery can solve your male breast problems, not everyone is interested in experiencing any type of surgery. Actually, treating gynecomastia (or enlarging the male breasts) without surgical intervention can be complicated. Not all methods work as well as expected.

But if you still want to try them, then five more popular non-surgical alternatives for male breast reduction surgery are presented.

Adequate diet and exercise


If your gynecomastia is caused mainly by fats, then a proper diet such as reducing fatty foods can help. It is advisable to follow a low-fat diet, as this will give your body the opportunity to burn excessive calories under the skin, including the chest area. To know if your tits are only fatty tissue, you will notice that they wobble when you move and that both sides are equally affected.

Coupling the right diet with cardiovascular exercises can help your body get rid of excess fat not only in your breasts but also in the rest of your body. You may also want to build chest muscles by doing push-ups. This makes your chest muscles more bulky, strength training exercises also speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more fat. This is a great lifestyle modification especially for overweight and obese people.

However, it is important to keep in mind that proper diet and exercise will only work for patients with pseudoginecomastia ie those with enlarged breasts caused by excess fat. But if you suffer from true gynecomastia (where there is also an overabundance of mammary gland tissues other than fats) a proper diet and exercise will not help so much.

Alternative remedies

Some of the alternative remedies that are said to treat gynecomastia include homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture and yoga. However, keep in mind that the treatment of gynecomastia with these methods can take time, in addition there is no guarantee that they will work.


Homeopathic treatments are personalized medications prepared after analyzing the physical, mental and emotional condition of the patient. They can restore hormonal balance, thus decreasing the size of your breasts. To treat the underlying cause of gynecomastia , homeopathy involves administering a small amount of diluted substance that causes the condition.
For example, if your gynecomastia was caused by the intake of steroids , then a dilute steroid-like substance like Orchitinum will be used to treat your gynecomastia . Other homeopathic medicines used to treat gynecomastia include Mercurius Solubilis 200C, Plumbum Iodatum and Pineal 6.


Another alternative treatment is Ayurveda, which makes use of roots and herbs to eliminate the cause of gynecomastia . According to this alternative Indian medicine, half a teaspoon of powdered ingredients such as Chebulic Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, dried ginger, black pepper, Pippali, and currant can be mixed with a teaspoon of honey to treat gynecomastia . These should be taken twice a day.

There are also topical Ayurvedic treatments that you can use to decrease the size of your breasts. For example, you can heat the powdered camphor oil and pepper powder and mix them in 100 ml of mustard oil. After cooling a little, apply the warm oil to your breasts one hour before bathing.


Acupuncture is another alternative remedy that you can presumably use to get rid of gynecomastia . This 2000-year-old Chinese treatment involves the use of needles to prick the skin and tissues to relieve pain and treat any medical condition, including gynecomastia . It is believed that diseases happen when there are blockages in the flow of life force in the body. Acupuncture aims to get rid of blockages in these meridians by inserting them in certain points of the body. Contrary to what it seems, acupuncture needles only cause a tingling sensation and not much pain.

Apart from getting rid of chest fat, acupuncture can also provide the hormonal balance that is very important in treating the underlying cause of gynecomastia . It also has a number of other health benefits, such as improving liver function, treating obesity, and relieving depression.


Yoga is good for body and mind training, it helps in gynecomastia , since there are yoga postures that focus on the trunk and chest region, they are said to be effective in the treatment of gynecomastia in the way natural. Some of these poses include the pose of the fish, the pose of the wheel, the pose of the semi-wheel, the attitude of the bow, and the attitude of the tree.

Apart from decreasing the fat in the chest, yoga also helps to tighten the chest area, resulting in a flatter chest. It also improves blood circulation by helping to reduce fat deposits throughout the body.

Herbal treatments

There are also certain herbs that are said to cure gynecomastia . A popular one is turmeric , a plant from the ginger family and boasting a variety of health benefits. To treat gynecomastia , it is necessary to take a daily dose of 20 grams of grated turmeric root in a period of 30 days. However, the success rate of this treatment varies, with some patients reported a decrease in breast size, while others only report that it reduces pain and pain in the chest area.

Pills and breast reduction medications

There are a lot of male breast reduction pills available in the market, all contain active ingredients that reduce estrogen levels or increase testosterone levels. There are even drugs that promise to do both. Examples of these drugs are clomiphene and tamoxifen, which are both selective modulators of estrogen receptors. Letrozole, which is an androgen inhibitor, is also being marketed for the prevention of breast cancer. However, more studies are needed to support these claims.

Topical creams

Topical treatments involve the use of creams, gels or serums to reduce the fat cells around the breast tissues. Although these creams are certainly non-invasive, virtually painless, and much cheaper than gynecomastia surgery , their effects of breast reduction (especially for true gynecomastia ) have not yet been fully tested. It can also take a long time before you notice any result “if you do”.

Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast

The best way to lose weight, get more energy and replace your unhealthy habits with healthy is to take it easy. Try to live a little healthier every day. Instead of a glass of cola , you take a glass of water. Then you do nothing else for the rest of the day to lose weight. Once that is in your system (drinking the water), then you take a healthy habit.

You can continue to do this process by the way. You can always live healthier even if you are already doing very well.

For example, I notice with myself that after the holiday I have been slackening a bit. It’s time to pick up, improve and carry out my old healthy habits again!

Slow food is healthier

By eating more slowly, your body has the time to link back that you have eaten enough. If you eat very fast you will get a lot more than you need, this will result in weight gain. It takes 20 minutes before your brain gives a signal that you are satisfied. That is why it is better to eat, enjoy and especially not rush!

Why do you crave food (be honest)?

One of the biggest reasons why people eat too much is out of boredom. A lot of people are looking forward to popping on the couch in the evening, switching on television and eating a bag of chips (I had too). When you are hungry from boredom you are not really hungry, it is rather an emotional reaction to prevent boredom. Moreover, it can also be a habit to eat a lot during specific moments.

So it took a long time for me not to eat chips during an exciting movie. Now I know from myself that during an exciting film I like to have something to nibble. Meanwhile I have replaced the bag of chips with a nut mix, again it is the small adjustments that make the difference.

Go spicy food

Research (4) shows that spicy food can make you less likely to get hungry. Moreover, spicy herbs ensure that your metabolism gets a boost. I am a fan of chili myself and do not get enough of it. It is certainly recommended to eat more Mexican with spicy herbs!

A nice soup for every meal

A great and healthy way to eat less and eat healthier is by eating a soup regularly. Healthy (fresh) soups consist mainly of water, vegetables, sometimes some meat and some vermicelli. The result is that you will be full faster when you take a soup as before.

Start very small when it comes to sports

For many people it is a huge mountain when it comes to exercising regularly. Especially if you have not done sports for years. To break that, it is much better to start very small. Instead of running every day, start with a short 5-minute walk. Then the next 7.5 minutes, next week instead of walking you go jogging. So you build up momentum and you do not make it unnecessarily difficult.

How to Reduce man’s Breasts

If you have large breasts and want to reduce them , do not worry, you can do it but you must take a multifaceted approach to reduce their size. The enlargement of the breasts in men is called gynecomastia and has a range of possible causes and treatments. With dedication and determination, you can return the body to your male figure and in the process start a healthier lifestyle.

Steps to follow:


Make an appointment with your doctor to determine the cause of the disproportion of your breasts. The possible causes are obesity, medications, low testosterone levels and the consumption of estrogen of vegetable origin. It is normal for teens to experience an increase in breasts due to the fluctuation of testosterone levels during development.

Reduce the sources of plant estrogens in the diet. The most common sources of plant estrogens are foods such as soy, tofu, soy milk, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chickpea purée, garlic, mung beans, dates, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, peanuts, beans, almonds and alfalfa sprouts.

Reduce exposure to inorganic xenoestrogens . Xenoestrogens are environmental chemicals that cause hormonal disorders in men and women. Some of the most common sources of xenoestrogens are insecticides, herbicides.

Exercise regularly to lose excess weight and promote testosterone levels. For many men with enlarged breasts, it is the result of increased weight and adipose tissue being stored in the chest area. Combine aerobic fitness with weight training to strengthen your body and improve your chest muscle shape.

Talk to your doctor about medical treatments if you have completed the steps above and still feel worried about breast growth. Possible medical options include drugs to balance hormone levels, surgery and plastic surgery as a last resort.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

How To Trim And Maintain Your Beard

Trimming a beard requires the necessary attention and expertise. It does not grow just like you want it and only you are responsible for the result. Where the growth of the beard tests your character and perseverance, trimming is useful to have the basic rules and know-how in mind. Without this knowledge it is difficult to keep your wild moons in check during the growth process. What you want to avoid is making a mistake that may endanger your ultimate personal beard style .

Trimming and cutting actually stimulates the beard growth process, contrary to what you might think. Healthy hair follicles ensure that your hair grows faster. But, your hair also grows in unequal lengths, which can create a somewhat turbulent look.

With great beard comes great responsibility

beard growth

When you read this guide, you have at least made the decision to be civilized and cared for the day, in contrast to the men who opt for the prolific beard style. Regardless of the style you are ultimately satisfied with, this guide ensures that your beard looks cared for and, above all, healthy. These tips can therefore also be used for every beard style.

Trim beard

You can of course go for a full beard, classic, skippers or stubbly beard, but you can not escape trimming your beard. It is a fine side issue of the growth process.

You can read how to trim your beard in 7 steps and which tool you use best. We also share a number of practical dos and don’ts so that you can effortlessly trim your beard.

Mustache and beard hair transplantation men

A mustache and beard hair transplant men is usually performed with the so-called FUE method. This is an intensive and often slightly more expensive method. The abbreviation FUE stands for the English name Follicular Unit Extraction. In the FUE method hair follicle bags, so-called grafts, are removed one by one from the donor area behind your head.

The donor area is hereby shaved in advance, so that the grafts are not damaged. After a quality check, the hair follicles are put back one by one in places where you want more or thicker mustache and beard hair. The grafts ensure that your hair grows at the desired location after the treatment. Ten days after the mustache and beard hair transplantation men the desired effect is already visible. However, the hairs can then fall out again, after which they will n start to grow again in 3 to 4 months. The final result will then be visible after a maximum of 12 months.

6 Reasons You Need A Website

Website designers know that small business owners don’t have huge operating expense which they often think that not developing websites for their companies is a great way to save. In the short-term, it holds true that not hiring someone to assist produce and keep a site conserves cash; however in the long-lasting, it can be the failure of any company trying to complete in the computerized, internet-driven marketplace where little, medium and large organisations run. If you are a small business owner aiming to choose where finest to spend your startup money, consider these 6 factors for putting site development at the top of your list:

1 – A Website Can Conserve You Money
Your preliminary expense on aid from expert site designers in McKinney, TX, plus the low cost of regular monthly maintenance, will be a big savings over other types of non-internet marketing that you will have to use to get your company observed. Consider the cost of buying signboard space, running advertisements in local newspapers, printing flyers, mailing sales brochures and more; the cost of establishing and running a site will pale by comparison.

2 – A Site Will Give Your Business Trustworthiness
Practically every company has some kind of online presence, and clients have actually concerned anticipate that they can learn something about every business they’re interested in by going on the internet. If you do not have a site, even a Do It Yourself website, you’ll lose reliability and your possible clients will carry on to your rivals who do have websites.

3 – A Website Will Open Your Service To A Bigger Market
A site for your business implies individuals across Texas, across the United States and worldwide can discover you and learn about your service or products. Word-of-mouth can spread from online watching of your site, which can cause an expansion of your business beyond your local area.

4 – A Website Is Always Open
Unlike your brick-and-mortar or home-based store, your website is always open for service, 24 Hr a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This suggests you can be doing advertising, sales and consumer acquisition while you sleep!

5 – A Website Will Keep Your Clients Informed
Ever question why the print version of the Sears brochure is not produced? It’s the exact same factor you don’t wish to be stuck using old-fashioned print marketing tactics. By the time your pamphlet, catalog or leaflet reaches your consumers’ mailboxes, it’s out of date. A site can be upgraded immediately with brand-new items or brand-new information about your business, so that your consumers have instant access to whatever you need to offer.

6 – A Website Saves You Time
Think about all the guy (or female) hours involved in marketing and running your business the old-fashioned method. Compare that to the ease with which your site does most of your marketing and selling for you, even while you’re sleeping, and you’ll discover that it will save you time that can be invested focusing on other things.

How To Find Excellent Web Design Service?

When you decide to lastly provide an expert want to your site, you begin to recognize that the most important task is to actually determine which web design business you must pick for this purpose. A person who has no knowledge, or whatsoever, of developing, will have no hint ways to judge a design business. As your website can easily make you a successful organisation person -or- absolutely damage your image, it is crucial that you obtain the services of a business that has been successfully creating brand name identities for years.

So, what are the things that you should consider to guarantee that you handle to find an authentic web design service? Well, as you go through the sites of various business, there are numerous things you have to think about to discover a trustworthy company. Let?s go over the traits of a quality design company to assist you discover the best one.

Visit their Online Gallery to See their Portfolio:

To judge the imagination of a style business, the best thing to do is to have a look at their portfolio. By seeing their previously developed sites and logo designs, you will be able to evaluate how creative they are and whether they can produce quality designs for various industries or not. Also, check and see if they have actually designed sites associated to your specific niche. This way you will have the ability to see how well they have developed the sites of your rivals. You will have the ability to determine, by looking at their portfolio, that whether they will have the ability to give your organisation a distinct identity or not.

Guarantee that They can Style SEO-Friendly Sites:

It is essential in today?s difficult competitors to have an SEO-friendly site to appear high in search results page. There are a number of elements that ought to be thought about to make your website SEO-friendly, to make sure that search engines offer value to your website. If your site is not SEO-friendly, then your competitors will appear prior to you and will steal your share of pure earnings. So, to prevent your target audience and possible purchasers from visiting your competitors, you should create an SEO-friendly website. Expert design business know exactly what elements are involved to make your site loved by online search engine.

Ensure that They have Experienced In-House Designers:

Stay as far away from freelancers as you can. Always hire a web design service with internal, knowledgeable designers. Internal designers are committed designers who strive to fulfill their targets and get a great raise at the end of the year. Also, if you require a revision, it?s simpler for a style business to ask their in-house designer to take care of your style on a top priority basis. So, it is best to choose a service with internal designers.


If you are major about building your brand name in an efficient manner, then you need to discover a professional web design company. So, seriously think about the tips mentioned above to find a trusted style company.

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